RealCast Slab 24" x 48" (circles) - Medium Grey

Square Foot Price
$ 17.00
Panel Price
$ 136.00

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Why RealCast Slab 24 As Realistic As Concrete

Incredible attention to detail, captures all the character.

Why RealCast Slab 24 Real Concrete

Each panel is real poured concrete.

Why RealCast Slab 24 Realistic Seems

These panels are designed to be butted together, creating the look of poured concrete.

Why RealCast Slab 24 Built To Last

A scratch, impact, water & stain resistant coating.

Why RealCast Slab 24 DIY'ers Dream

No fuss and mess, just installed with adhesive.

Product Information


Classic Brick DIY brick wall panel Dimensions


What is RealCast Slab 24" x 48" (circles) - Medium Grey?

Real Cast concrete panes are an authentic recreation to the poured concrete look. These panels are created using real concrete poured into a mold, and then reinforced with meshing. Each panel has the exact look and feel of a real concrete wall, except it doesn’t have the hassle of real poured concrete walls.

Once you’ve installed these panels to your wall, no one will be able to tell they’re panels. You’ll get the authentic concrete formed wall in any space you want.



Coverage Per Panel:

8 sq.ft.



Weight Per sq.ft:

2.5 lbs

Install Information

Quick Install

Boardformed Panels installs easliy.


Tape Mesure

Step 1: First Row: Ensure the area you are installing is level. Start in the middle of the surface you’re installing your panel to. Once the first panel is attached to the wall and level, install the panels to the left and right of it.

Step 2: Second Row: Follow the same as the first row to install until you are less than 24” from the top of your installed wall.

Step 3: Final Row: Measure the top row then cut the panels to fit into the last row. This can be done left to right, or right to left.



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