RealCast Board-Form - Medium Grey

Square Foot Price
$ 11.68
Panel Price
$ 93.50

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Why RealCast Board-Form - Medium Grey As Realistic As Concrete

Incredible attention to detail, captures all the character.

Why RealCast Board-Form - Medium Grey Real Concrete

Each panel is real poured concrete.

Why RealCast Board-Form - Medium Grey Seemless

Long boards wtih perfectly-sized staggers to hide joints.

Why RealCast Board-Form - Medium Grey Built To Last

A scratch, impact, water & stain resistant coating.

Why RealCast Board-Form - Medium Grey DIY'ers Dream

No fuss and mess, just installed with adhesive.

Product Information


Classic Brick DIY brick wall panel Dimensions


What is RealCast Board-Form - Medium Grey?
The name board-formed concrete comes from the concrete wall pouring process. Traditionally the concrete is poured into forms. The forms are made with wooden planks, and when the form is removed, you’re left with a wood wall pattern in your concrete wall.

What makes our board-formed concrete unique, is we do the same process but the concrete panels are only 1/4” thick of real poured concrete. They are reinforced with meshing to reinforce the thin concrete.

The panels are also coated with a scratch, impact, water & stain resistant industrial coating. Each panel also has a perfectly-sized stagger to help hide the joints.



Coverage Per Plank:

5.5 sq.ft.

Weight Per sq.ft:

2.5 lbs

Planks Per Box:


Install Information

Quick Install

Boardformed Panels installs easliy.


Tape Mesure

Step 1: First Row: First make sure it is level. Cut stagger off first panel, and install with adhesive and/or screws. Put caulking on edge of first panel and install second panel (squishing the adhesive). Continue until you make your cut on the final piece in first row.

Step 2: Second Row: Use the cut piece to start your second row. Continue in this fashion until your final row.

Step 3: Final Row: The final row is installed in the same fashion, but you may first need to cut the entire panel(s) lengthwise.



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