Installer Friendly Faux Stone Panels

Ledge Stone Sample

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Easly installs, interior and exterior use faux stone panels

Why Ledge Stone Sample Ultra Realistic

Spacing in-between stones within the panel causes shadowing, which gives the most realistic look.

Why Ledge Stone Sample Easy To Install

Tongue and groove panels, which hide screws and make for seamless install.

Why Ledge Stone Sample Insulation

Adds an insulation value of R6.

Why Ledge Stone Sample Wrap Any Wall

Wrap around corner panels, creating a more continuous look.

Why Ledge Stone Sample DIY'ers Dream

Smaller panels = less waste, easier install, more realistic.

Faux Stone Sample Pack

What comes in a sample pack?

Quality Stone Faux Stone samples are cut from a full sized panel. Each sample will give you a hands on experience with the most realistic panel on the market.

Like these samples but can't picture it on your wall?

We have you covered. We are happy to announce our new rendering service. In just a few steps you'll be able to see what our products can look like on your walls.

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Install Information

Quick Install

Ledge Stone Faux Stone Panel installs easliy.


Tape Mesure


Product Information


Ledge Stone Dimensions


Quality Stone has all of the beauty of real stone, but is quick and easy to install, eliminating the expense and hard labor of cement and mortar. Quality Stone is 100% inert, non-toxic, non-gaseous, odor free and Built Green. Simply screw into the top tongue of each panel to attach the panel to plywood or drywall. Panels can be cut with a regular wood saw blade.


High-Density Polyurethane


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