From Lightweight faux concrete panels, faux brick panels, and barn wood.

classicBRICK reclaimedRED

Square Foot Price
$ 12.99
Panel Price
$ 96.39

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Hourwall urban concrete wall panels are easy to install, DIY friendy, and installs easily.

Why classicBRICK reclaimedRED DIY'ers Dream

Panels are simply applied using regular screws or glue.

Why classicBRICK reclaimedRED Ultra Realistic

All panels are cast from real hand-made brick.

Why classicBRICK reclaimedRED Durable

High-strength, high-density polyurethane.

Why classicBRICK reclaimedRED Lightweight

Extremely lightweight
(1 lb/ft2).

Why classicBRICK reclaimedRED Seamless

Finger-joint seams hide screws and make panels seamless.

classicBRICK reclaimedRED

Product Specs:

High-Density polyurethane
24" x 48"

relcaimedRED recreates the look of old bricks that have been reclaimed to their new look. These faux brick panels recreate the look of bricks that have been restored to their original look. Some bricks still have some white paint, scratches, or cracks in them.






Install Information

Quick Install

Classic Brick Wall Panel installs easliy.

classicBRICK reclaimedRED Install Steps

How easy is it to install? In a few simple steps you'll be on your way with your new classic brick wall.

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Product Information


Classic Brick DIY brick wall panel Dimensions


What is Hourwall classicBRICK?
Hourwall classicBRICK panels allow you to create the nostalgic, aged, rustic look of real brick within minutes. Each individual brick has been cast from a real brick to give classicBRICK panels a realistic look. Panels are fastened to the wall using screws and or nails, and no reinforcement of the wall is required.

Each panel has a top and side shiplap edge, through which the panel is fastened. Installation of classicBRICK is fast and easy. The edges of each panel are staggered and classicBRICK is available in 5 different colours. Within minutes, you can get the look and feel of the real thing with ease and affordability.


High-Density Polyurethane

Face Size:

23 3/8" x 44 1/2"


Spec Data

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  • Ophra
  • New York Times

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