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RED-ISH & BLUE-ISH Samples Board

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AS-IS BRAND Wood Walls are made from real pine wood, used inside, and installs easily.

Why RED-ISH & BLUE-ISH Samples Board Durable

Better performance with thicker 1/4" panels, won't split or warp on install.

Why RED-ISH & BLUE-ISH Samples Board Clean

Free of lead paint, arsenic, insects and debris.

Why RED-ISH & BLUE-ISH Samples Board DIYer's Dream

Easiest and fastest install, simply nail or glue. Don't be fooled by tape.

Why RED-ISH & BLUE-ISH Samples Board Cost Savings

Less expensive than the leading competitor.

Why RED-ISH & BLUE-ISH Samples Board No Need To Wait

Product in stock and ready to ship.

Reclaimed Wood Sample Boards

What's a Sample Board?

These AS-IS BRAND Wood Wall sample boards are 23" x 21". They are double-sided and contain 15" high by 21" of RED-ISH & BLUE-ISH Reclaimed wood.

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We have you covered. We are happy to announce our new rendering service. In just a few steps you'll be able to see what our products can look like on your walls.

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Install Information

Quick Install Tips

AS-IS BRAND Wood Walls are easy to install. Just Glue or Nail

RED-ISH & BLUE-ISH Samples Board Detailed Install Steps

How easy is it to install? In a few simple steps you'll be on your way with your new reclaimed wood wall.

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Product Information


Real wood planks vairy in size, up to 48" long


Reclaimed wood panels are one of the fastest growing trends in design today. However, much like most stylish wall claddings, the inherent nature of reclaiming and finishing aged wood makes it too expensive and difficult to source for the average consumer. AS-IS Brand has created a line of reproduction barn wood, using sustainability farmed mill-direct wood and a proprietary wood treatment process.

You Buy A Box, We Plant A Tree.

Trees for the Future focuses their efforts on tropical locations around the globe where trees can have the most beneficial impact on the environment. Partnering with farmers from Africa, and other nations, to diversify incomes and nutrition by transitioning to land-restoring agricultural systems. Since 1989, Trees for the Future has helped 1 million people in thousands of communities in over 20 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

AS-IS Brand is a proud partner of this extraordinary organization. And we are truly thankful for our customers’ support in helping us change lives. On top of other contributions, for every box of AS-IS that is purchased worldwide, we plant a tree.

Responsibly harvested wood

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